Boy bands are up against the apocalypse at the 2022 Turner Prize

Work by Heather Phillipson, Sin Wai Kin, Ingrid Pollard, and Veronica Ryan feature in this year’s competition at Tate Liverpool

This year, the Turner Prize returns to Liverpool for the first time in 15 years. With it, it brings fictional boy bands, visions of the apocalypse, fake fruit, and racist pub signs reclaimed from across the UK. As far as its aim of stirring public debate about contemporary British art goes, it may not be the most provocative show in the prize’s history, but it is particularly in tune with the issues we face – from racialised violence, to shifting gender norms, to climate breakdown and, yes, the lingering threat of all-out armageddon.

The artists in competition at Tate Liverpool this year are Heather Phillipson, Veronica Ryan, Sin Wai Kin, and Ingrid Pollard, and the show itself takes the form of a series of mini-retrospectives, repurposing and reimagining the artists’ past works for the present moment.

On December 7, a jury will decide who is awarded with the £25,000 top prize, while the other shortlisted artists will each receive £10,000. Audiences can also participate by voting for their favourite artist on-site at the Liverpool gallery, where the show opens today (October 20), and runs until March 19, 2023. 

In the meantime, we’ve broken down what to expect from each artist at the 2022 Turner Prize, below.

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