Cate Blanchett Tells Us Her Skincare Secret Weapon

Have you ever wondered whether or not celebrities really look that flawless in person? Well, when it comes to Cate Blanchett, let me tell you — she does. Her fair skin is perfection, with just enough moisture and a completely even-tone — and for the last 10 years she has given all the credit to one brand– SK-II.

Cate started using SK-II after a makeup artist friend of hers introduced her to the line. “Once I learned how to use it, I don’t know if it was just because I was lazy, but I kept using it,” explained Cate. “After a month I noticed such a difference in my skin. At first I thought my face was glowing because of the pregnancy, but people kept saying it after I gave birth!”

It was only after Cate had been a loyal brand-user that SK-II approached her to be the spokesperson and it has been a perfect match for the last decade.

But when it comes to her skin, Cate has had to take care of it her entire life while living under the Australian sun.

“Well, I think the sun is so strong in Australia, and if you’re pale as a child then your parents are worried,” said Cate. “They’re not thinking about you growing up to be an actress, they’re actually thinking about serious sun damage so they keep you out of the sun.”

What did she do to protect her fair skin? “I just stayed out of the sun and my mum was big on moisturizing, it was very simple, like baby oil and Oil of Olay.”

Now that she is older, Cate has to take a few extra steps to keep her skin and body healthy, especially while she is traveling.

“You have to drink lots of water, even though it is the most boring thing,” Cate said. “This is the trouble with traveling now, I’m going to blow up a plane if I have a water over 100 mil, so I decant it into one of those spray bottles and I just will spray it every hour, and that’s the thing with living in Australia, to fly here takes 24 hours. And also on the plane, when the lights go down over the flight I’ll do a SK-II treatment mask and a whitening mask. And I can’t tell you, between that and the SK-II Essence it works wonders.”

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