6 Incredible Transformations from Kayla Itsines’ BBG Workout Program

1. Consistency Is Key

After suffering from hyperemesis gavadrim (an extreme form of morning sickness) during all three of her pregnancies, Dani Guy’s goal was to re-learn how to live an active and balanced lifestyle. Thanks to BBG, she did.
“I’ve been consistent with doing BBG Program all from home,” she wrote on Instagram. “I’ve done this for myself and I have never felt better. My mental health has never been better and I’m confident in my own skin.”

2. Put Yourself First

Gabrielle May has become a poster child for the BBG program and the results it can deliver. But a physical transformation was the last thing this Aussie Mom had on her mind before she started her first week of training.
“I started BBG because I wanted MORE for my life, not LESS of myself,” she shared on Instagram. “The fact that I weigh LESS now is only a result of realizing I was already worth getting the MOST out of my days.”

3. Everyone Starts Somewhere

Consistency is the single most important thing when it comes to reaching your health goals and that’s something Amina Barnes learned through the BBG program.
“As someone who struggled with emotional eating and random spurts of exercise, I could never picture myself sticking to a workout program or healthy eating regimen,” she wrote on Instagram. “But please know that it doesn’t matter if you can’t picture the finish line as long as you START somewhere. I’m so happy and grateful I started with the BBG program and can’t wait to train and motivate so many more women to find strength and love for themselves!”

4. Only You Can Put In the Work

The biggest thing MaryKate Schmidt learned from starting BBG is the importance of getting started.
“I spent too many years being unhappy with my own body—without making much change,” she shared on Instagram. “I’d constantly tell myself ‘I’ll start Monday’ or it’s fine it’s the ‘weekend’ only to be disappointed when my body didn’t change or even more important my attitude toward myself remained negative.”
“I personally started with Kayla Itsines’ BBG guide to kick start my own journey (the best decision I ever made),” she added. “[But] regardless of what program you do remember you are FULLY capable of changing and become the BEST you!”

5. Make It Convenient

For Cheidza Nziramasanga (aka @seattle_squats), a full-time working mom, responsibilities and distractions kept getting in the way of her workouts. But BBG helped change that. “I love the BBG program because it can be done from home and allows me to get in a great workout in a short amount of time,” she tells Shape. “The workouts are challenging but I feel so accomplished after.”

6. Follow a Plan

It took nine months for Kara Barnhart to lose 25 pounds through the BBG and PWR programs (created by trainer Kelsey Wells) on the SWEAT app and she hasn’t looked back since. (Try this Arms & Abs PWR Program workout to get a taste.)
“This journey is a roller coaster man and I wouldn’t trade it for the world,” she wrote on Instagram. “My new lifestyle makes me feel so ALIVE and I’m never going to quit on myself again. So thankful for BBG for getting my head in the game and for giving me a plan to conquer.”

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